A Christmas Nightmare (A Christmas story)

It was 3 days before Christmas. Donald Duck was watching T.V. when his phone rang. He went to answer it and found it was Minnie. Donald said hello. 

“Donald, there has been a change of plans. We need to have the annual Christmas party at your house this year.” Minnie explained. “Mickey will be over later to help you set up.” Minnie and Donald Duck said goodbye and hung up the phone. Donald had no desire to put up tangled Christmas Lights, a prickly tree, and wrap presents with sticky tape. Donald Duck decided there was no hurry. The party was on Christmas day at noon. He still had tomorrow and Christmas morning to decorate. Just then, the phone rang again.

“Sorry Donald, But i can’t make it to your house to help you get ready for the party.” Said Mickey Mouse. Donald hung up. Gee! Now he’s have to decorate alone! Donald went back to watching T.V. Slowly, he fell asleep. The next thing he knew, Donald heard that something was scratching at his door. He opened the door and a muddy Pluto ran in, shaking mud everywhere. Then Goofy came and accidentally broke all of the plates, cups, and silverware! Mickey came and ate all of the food. Minnie Mouse was cleaning, and threw away all of the decorations! Then Donald’s nephews ruined the whole house! Daisy Duck was shoveling snow, and then came in with very wet boots. Next, Donald Duck was all alone with the big mess. All of his friends went home mad because Donald threw a terrible party. Then, Donald woke up. It had all been a dream- a nightmare! Donald looked at the clock and saw it was noon of Christmas Eve! Donald Duck got a tree, cooked, wrapped presents, and decorated. By the time this was done, he was tired. He went back to bed. this time his dream was of him at his house. All of his friends were careful and neat. They brought big presents. Wait- this wasn’t a dream! It was real! It was noon of Christmas and all of his friends were having a good time!

The End! 



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