Colors of the Northern Lights

I go out onto the ice. it is midnight, and I am waiting to see the Northern Lights shine gracefully above me. Out in the water, i see a glow. it is colorful. This must be the first reflection of the Northern Lights. I looked up and saw the colors of a rainbow dancing playfully in the cool air. My parents once told me the Northern Lights were full of emotions and meaning. Each color you see has a purpose. Red flashed out on the water in front of me. I knew, from my parents’ stories, that red meant love. Blue stuck out like a lightning bolt, almost mixing with the red. Blue, meant heartbreak and sadness. Next, the two colors mixed and made a purple.Purple showed playfulness and joy. The color was amazing to the eye. It makes you want to jump up and dance away with it. But the northern lights weren’t gone yet. Yellow and Indigo came. Yellow meant Fright, and Indigo meant celebration. Orange shot out of nowhere. Than Green. Orange meant boredom and tiredness. Green meant growth. It meant to reach towards the sky. The colors together, meant live. They meant be who you are, through sadness and joy, through sickness and health. These are the Northern Lights of Alaska.